THE CRSS - "NA • DIR" Album Launching

At Turtles Nest, Gorordo Avenue

08/25/2017  8PM


Homegrown CHAINZAW RECORDS band releases their First Album "NA•DIR" with performances by:








See you there ! ! !


Angular crunchy guitars paired with laid back to screaming with passion vocal delivery over esoteric musical arrangement that recalls the best of Gang of Four, Public Image Limited, early Interpol, early Smashing Pumpkins, and to some extent Joy Division are the closest to describe Cebu's newest purveyor of the post-punk sound (the term, like punk and indie, were not meant to describe a musical genre but an era literally the era after the disintegration of punk in 1978 but because the music industry wanted to put music in a box, those bands with angular crunchy guitars were named 'post-punk' while the synth heavy bands were designated as 'new wave'. All bullshit of course and this writer is a non-conformist but for communication's sake i will put music in a boxed according to what media say for you to understand), THCRSS. Born in confines of the University of San Carlos, these boys has been gigging around the city for almost three years, even busking on the street for the sake of the music. They 'd already put out two singles on two separate Chainzaw Records compilation so far and on the 25th of August, you all will get to hear their first album for the first time! All you have to do is give the band P250 in exchange for that round silver disc with extra artworks in it meant to be played at full blast in your stereo!


THCRSS (pronounced The Crisis) will be joined by Ala Ahkbar, Zsh, Ginsync, Karma, and The Difficult Stranger at Kukuk's Nest this August 25 at 8pm. Let's all support local good music. And believe me, these guys are good!

STRUGGLE FOR RADICAL ACTION , A Gathering of Punk Bands And Individuals for Marawi. "Fire Them With Food Not War!" 


September 8, 2017



Fund Raising ! There will be a donation box at the entrance, it serves as your pass.

BATTLING DEMONS - Depression and Suicide Awareness Music Fest. September 1st, 2017 at the Ampersand Bar and Restaurant, BTC Banilad, Cebu City Philippines



Words of thought by:


Sherryl Diaz-Muli, Ph.D Clinical Psych (cand.)

Rose Gonato, Licensed Psychologist

Indy Crepsley, M.A. Social Psych (cand.)

Amielpaul Subingsubing, PMHA Cebu


With performances by:


Venus Isidro

The Difficult Stranger

The Spirals

John Caing

Ball Eat Us



Organized by: Fuse Productions


12/08/2017 BEN CINCO on ABS-CBN's DZMM Teleradyo



Singer-songwriter Ben Cinco was the latest musical guest on OMJ. An hour long entertainment showbiz chika show on ABS-CBN's DZMM Teleradyo hosted by MJ Felipe and Ogie Diaz. On the segment, Ben talked about his musical journey and the recording process of his debut which was done here at Chainzaw Records. 


He also sang snippets of one of the tracks on the album, a hardcore country with just a bit of a pop edge called "Wanda The Wanderer". 

Here's to hoping the "Madlang People" catches up with the beauty and richness found in country music.


Ben Cinco will be performing live on August 19 at The Pyramid in I.T. Park Cebu together with The Difficult Stranger. Admission is free. Show starts 8PM!




Live Acoustic Set from 8PM - 10PM August 19, 2017 at The Pyramid Cebu IT Park West Geonzon Road Lahug Cebu City Philippines

CHAINZAW RECORDS and RESCUE BAR AND LOUNGE PRESENTS: Double Single Exposure! August 18, 2017 8PM at Rescue Bar and Lounge.


THCRSS' "Imaginary Car" Lyric Video

ZIDE EFFECT "Makata" Official Music Video


With performances by:







 04/08/2017 CHAINZAW RECORDS Point Blank Interwiew with: "Golden Luger Productions" Croon in Tune Battle of the Bands Champion "Landscape"

CHAINZAW RECORDS: Congratulations guys for winning the "Golden Luger Productions" Croon In Tune Battle of the Bands for the benefit of David Sigmund's Eye Surgery. You are a perfect example of what a true musician should be and you deserve to be called "The Champ" with a heart, talent and full of zeal. Please introduce yourselves and your respective responsibilities.


LANDSCAPE: The  band members are:

Jimarrey Cuyos - Vocals/Rhythm Guitars

Juniel Cuyos - Bass 
Janmarie Cuyos - Drums
Dexter Tabunon - Lead Guitar/ Vocals


CHAINZAW RECORDS: How did you guys met and what is the story behind your name?


LANDSCAPE:  Landscape was built by 3 siblings Jimarrey, Juniel and Janmarie. We started as a christian church band at Lapu-lapu City at Virgen Sa Regla. Then Dexter Tabunon came, our lead guitarist whom Jimarrey recruited. They were classmates at Cebu Technological University, studying Mechanical Engineering.


CHAINZAW RECORDS:  Describe your music in one sentence.

LANDSCAPE: Our music inspires people with their personal relationships and how they deal with it. 


CHAINZAW RECORDS: Who are your musical influences?

LANDSCAPE: Too many to mention, but our main influences are Breaking Benjamin, Typecast and Visayan Rock Music.


CHAINZAW RECORDS: Describe "Landscape's" songwriting process? 

LANDSCAPE: Our front man Jimarrey wrote and arranged all the songs. It is based on his personal experiences, moods, emotions and some random things.


CHAINZAW RECORDS: Where do these  ideas came from?

LANDSCAPE: Mainly, from our front man Jimarrey Cuyos


CHAINZAW RECORDS: What is your goal and vision as a band?

LANDSCAPE: Our goal is to share our music and to be heard in other provinces across the nation and foreign countries, if given a chance. Our vision is to make more songs and to play live as often as possible for our bands career.


CHAINZAW RECORDS: How important is music in your life? Cite an event or life circumstances where music played a huge part of it.

LANDSCAPE: Music is not just important in our lives, it is our soul, our working mechanism to pursue our dreams and goals. Music is what inspire us to work, to study and to create something out of nothing. Music played a huge part of our lives as we help those people in need of medical attention. Specially those who cant afford surgeries. Its our pleasure to play in a gig for a cause so we can help through donations given from the people who were at the concert whom we play with.


CHAINZAW RECORDS: What color is Saturday?



CHAINZAW RECORDS: What is your top 3 desert island songs? The songs that means so much to you.

LANDSCAPE: Black Parade, Rock Show and First Date


CHAINZAW RECORDS: Congratulations and thank you Jimarrey Cuyos , Juniel Cuyos, Janmarie Cuyos and Dexter Tabunon.

This is "Landscape's" debut song "Wala Na Tang Duha" recorded at Chainzaw Records.

Lets give them love and support.

Cebu-born, Manila-based country music singer-songwriter Ben Cinco will launch his debut EP entitled Faith, Love and & Country Music on the 15th of July 2017 Saturday at Rescue Bar and Lounge, Cebu City. 


Join us as we celebrate good stories set to stripped down organic music. With performances by:





The Crisis

The Difficult Stranger

Zide Effect


CDs are available at the venue.

Admission is free. Just be nice and be quiet once the artists are playing as sign of respect to their craft.

Presented by Chainzaw Records and ABCebu in cooperation with BROCK.


Battle of the Bands

Rocking for a cause

For the benefit of David Sigmund's eye surgery

Let's battle with other great bands and get a chance to win these prizes.


1st Prize: P5000.00 + 1 song studio recording at



2nd Prize: P3,000.00

3rd Prize: P1,000.00


Date for auditions: June 4, 11, 18

Battle of the bands finals: June 25, 2017

For more info contact: JAM (09226797385)

Audition Fee: P500.00


Powered by: Golden Luger Production in cooperation with Brainies and Beautees Online Retail Shop

CHAINZAW RECORDS Bands ZIDE EFFECT, BACK AT THE JUNKYARD, BREECH, DEVIANTS along with brother bands from Struggle for Radical Action:


"Academic Deconstruction" A back to school special at :



June 3, 2017



Please bring school supplies for the kids.

 04/27/2017 CHAINZAW RECORDS Point Blank Interwiew with: Punk Ska band "Bulletproof" on their Cebu Tour and Album Launching.

"Bulletproof" A straightforward interview

By Chainzaw Records


1.) Band introduction
Lorenzo Bai Nuñez - Vocals/Guitars
Charles Jefferson Cabellon - Bass
Jon Benard Abellanosa - Drums


2. When did you guys formed and why you name your band Bulletproof?  


Bulletproof was formed around June 2016...

The name Bulletproof... It all goes back to my (Bai) experience when I first migrated to Hong Kong being away from my hometown, away from my friends and adapting to a new culture...


It makes you feel lost, vulnerable and easily depressed. It was hard for me at first so I turned to my one and only passion which is music,

so in a way music kind of served as a bulletproof vest against depression, problems and pressures in life. 


3. Describe your music?  Our music is a mixture of punk rock, ska and a little bit of reggae. We just wanted to write songs that are straightforward,

simple and music that comes from our hearts and souls. 


4. Who are your musical influences? Too many to mention, but our main influences are Sublime, Rancid, and Green Day.

5. What can we expect from a Bulletproof gig? Catchy vocal hooks, crunchy guitar riffs, solid groovy basslines with fist pumping, head banging drum beats...

6. Any parting wisdom to budding and new bands out there? Don't give up on your passion,keep it simple and have fun...

Charles Cabellon (Left), Lorenzo "Bai" Nuñez (Center) of  Bulletproof with Glenn Alonzo at Chainzaw Records working on the CD Production of their Full length album "Nostalgia"

Zide Effect will be playing tonight with our Chainzaw Records brother bands Rotten Brains & The Difficult Stranger together with our metalhead brothers:


A Tragic Casket 

Code Hermit


Seventh Torture

Vibrate Torture

Human Discectomy


6 Counts of Murder


@Insular Mall Mandaue 8PM , April 29, 2017. . .

See yah tonight

Chainzaw Records, Struggle for Radical Action and Skatehouse presents: PUNK ATTACK Northern Tour


Ready Shit Go

Minority Blocks

Folding Bed

Zide Effect




Cross Three Runs

Kryptic Skulls

Rotten Brains

Table 45

Forced Pull

Monday Affair

Somewhere in North

Thumb OK

Burial Sucks


April 23, 2017 Sunday

4PM til midnight at Bogo Plaza Restobar

Damage: ₱25 per headshot!

04/02/2017: Let There Be Bands 

It is a sad season for underground music. Bars are closing by the heartbeat. Meanwhile the new bars that are sprouting would rather have a DJ or a showband than a real band. I guess it has something to do with today's youth preference. 


I attended the weekly pool party at the rooftop of a huge mall in the neighboring city the other day. Entrance was P200 with free beer and the cocktails and drinks alone were way beyond my weekly allowance.


Still, it was full packed. Maybe it has something to do with boys wanting to see girls in a wet bikini dancing by the pool but somehow i doubt it. There was a similar party a week before.


Same budget minus the bikini. I think it has something to do with today's culture in which millenials are more into clubbing and electronic music than seeing actual real band play live.




Sure there are scattered band shows every now and then but most people in attendance are already into the scene. How many of us who have friends outside the scene that we invited into via a gig who actually remained in the scene? In my experience, zero. I did my share of inviting kids to gigs in hopes of converting them to the power of rock n roll but instead they ended up bored and itching to go home or go clubbing.


So what can we do about it? I can't speak for everybody but as a band member and songwriter myself i think we should continue honing our craft and grow. We should not compromise our artistic vision but we should also be mindful on how to pluck the millenials' heartstring. I'm not saying go electronic or something. Stick to your style and your vision. The artist's way of touching his audience is not through compromise but through emotional response. Regardless of genre, an artist should be able to touch the heart of his audience via his performance, song contents, and charisma. If you're a politically angry band, let your anger infect your audience by being emotionally naked on stage. Let them feel what you feel. Make them get angry on the things you get angry about. And this job does not fall on the frontman alone but the whole band. 


A band is a unit. A unit moves as one. Therefore in order for the audience to emphatize and feel the emotion the band is channeling, the band should perform as a unit. The band is but a vessel for the song to communicate its power. When this happens, kids will come flocking back to the band scene.



Chainzaw Records will be launching CZR#17: 

Back at the Junkyard - Globalized EP

March 18, 2017


In the name of promoting economic growth and preventing inflation, monopoly capitalism has used its imperialist state to trample upon the hard-won rights of the proletariat, bring down the wages and living conditions of the people, provide tax cuts to the monopoly firms but raise taxes on basic consumer goods and services and cut down government spending for social benefits and social services.  It has done so to accelerate the accumulation of capital, maximize profits and counter the general tendency of profit and growth rates to fall in the imperialist countries.


Globalization is a POLICY!


We, as a band. We're pursuing on making awakening songs and continue the struggle of the 1st Propaganda Movement. Rage Fist!

Chainzaw Records presents the second part ov

The Difficult Stranger's Album Launching

"Creepy Valentine" at Handuraw Pizza Mango Square March 11, 2017 9PM with


Constellation Drive


The Carousel

Kersly Potter


Struggle For Radical Action in cooperation with The Headquarterz presents "March The Punks" a punk show for your satisfaction. March 18, 2017 7 PM



Chainzaw Records will also release CZR#17: 

Back at the Junkyard - Globalized EP

Chainzaw Records with Snailrock Productions, HQZ, Quasi Media and Hueworx Presents: "Pearl Jam" I'm Still Alive. Grunge Tribute Night Episode 2 

February 17, 2017 with bands:



Pitch and Plunge

Inverted Monkeys


The Beloy Band


Chainzaw Records Supports Amityville "Influence Night" 02/18/2017 7PM at Turtle's Nest Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City 6000.  It's going to be one heck of a trip down memory lane as we spend a night of cover songs performed by: 


Starting Today

The Carousel

Underclass Hero


Check Your Balls

Secret Side Project

Cosmic Kid




Kick Start Kids

Zone 3

Don't Leave Me Hanging


If you are a fan of Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, The Starting Line, Blink 182, Paramore, New Found Glory, Saves The Day, Sum 41, NOFX, Taking Back Sunday, The Ataris MxPx, Rufio, Twinkle Dudu, The Ambassadors, Me First and The Gimme Gimmes, Fenix TX, Dashboard Confessionals, Neck Deep, State Champs, City Lights, Moose Blood, The Story So Far and other related bands this the right night for you. And if you're into two-step groovy beat-down well see you at the pit :D .



For only Php 80, AND A CHANCE TO WIN SOME SHIRTS and STICKERS FROM OUR FRIENDS/SPONSORS. THINK POSITIVE WEAR, Rebel Rebellious Fingerboards, HARAKIRIMOSH, Calavera, Unite Productions, Chainzaw Records, 6045 Southside Family, POP PUNK Philippines. SHARE/SPREAD Thank You!!!

Chainzaw Records is proud to announce

Cebu City's Power Pop Punk Band

"The Difficult Stranger" second album launch

"Creepy Valentine" at Semi-Final Sports Bar on

February 17, 2017 8PM



The Spirals
Happy Days
Vincent Eco
Here In After
Rotten Brains
The Crisis


" Revenge of the Nerds" Cebu based indie rockers The Difficult Stranger is back for a second round of knock out hooks! Titled Creepy Valentine, the record offers 16 new songs that will surely satisfy your orgasonic cravings, diversifying their melodic tricks beyond the confines of pop but within the parameters of rock n roll. The album title sums up its theme of soured relationship (aka napul-an. La ko kabalo unsa english jd ana paki translate lang), lost love, and revenge; the kind of situations that would creep you up especially on the love month. It talks about the reality of a life in a relationship- especially a musician's life in a relationship with a non-musician who failed to understand the passion burning in his soul. It explores the dilemma between holding on and letting go. It tackles power and how it affects your lovelife.


In other words, it talks about real love life, not the bullshit you see on TV or those stupid love songs on the radio. So join the band on the 17th of February at Semi-Final Sports Bar in Mango Avenue (besides National Bookstore) and together let's celebrate the fucked-ups in our lives. These scars are not sign of weakness. These are fucking battlescars! Let your scars bleed and pour its blood on a golden chalice and together let us toast to what is real! Also joining the feast of blood are The Spirals, Happy Days, Vincent Eco, Rotten Brains, The Crisis, Here in After, and Erika. (Posted on February 1, 2017)

Sad Boys x Spectrum presents "Sad Night" An acoustic & poetry Valentines weekend for the sad souls. February 11 | The Greenery Roof Deck

Door Fee: 100 PHP with Beer
Doors open: 7:30 PM
Show starts: 8:00 PM

Featuring Cebu's Local 

underground bands & poets.

Sad songs by:

The Vast
Cosmic Kid
Underclass Hero
The Carousel
Secretside Project
Thinking Chair
Finding Apollo



Jan Vincent
Matt Laude
Joy M
Double Bs


+Open Mic for you guys to scream your emotions out. See you! Special thanks to: Atomic Industries, Deadways, Revere, Rhipstop, Calavera, South Sound Gears and Chainzaw Records 

(Posted on February 1, 2017)

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